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We wish all our Readers a Happy New Year




January 2019


Thank you so much for your enthusiastic participation regarding Victoria in the run up to Christmas. We have created a new page called 'A Fashionable Young Lady in 1962' and moved that entire Christmas section over to it.


So what have we got planned for 2019? Work on the book that has languished for two years has restarted and will be finished this year. It will be an A4-sized landscape-oriented book of at least 100 pages and will cover the lecture series 'Pulling Together'. Many photographs of our models will be included and the faces will not be blurred out because the book will never go onto the internet, it will be for limited sale only and, as always with the calendars, all profits will be donated to charity. Be warned, it will not be cheap but it will be a very limited edition..


We updated an entry in the 2018 diary that we always felt was a bit weak since it lacked a picture of a real old-fashioned Namsie girdle.
















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