Lyn Locke*

and Garters & Lace

in memory of Lyn and her partner Mike;

together they re-introduced girdles to the world.



Pictures reproduced with the permission of Lyn Locke

Lyn and Cathie Jung illustrate elegance in their own unique fashion


In the late 1990's, when the internet was becoming available to the masses, there appeared a few key web-sites that would re-introduce girdles and corsets to the world. There was Virginian's 'Girdle Zone', Thomas Lierse's 'Long Island Staylace Association' and Lyn Locke's own web-site. They informed many readers that their love of traditional foundation garments was shared by many. These sites certainly inspired my husband and I in 2002 to put together our own web-site based on our knowledge of the Spirella Company. The site has grown without any real plan but from it emerged the persona of 'Ivy Leaf', a name taken from the Spirella in-house Ivy Leaf Club of corsetiŤres. We owe a huge debt of gratitude to Lyn and Mike for their inspiration. Sadly, on 31st August 2010, after having run so many 'Garters & Lace' conventions (1998 - 2006) and edited so many 'Powernet' newsletters, Mike passed away and Lyn fell off the radar as she said she would, however, we do have her permission to include a few pictures to remind ourselves of a glorious period in the resurrection of the girdle. Lyn was the greatest girdle model ever.

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* To our dismay, Lyn Locke passed away in July 2018. That was not her real name of course but a pseudonym since she lived two very different lives.

There are many more pictures of Lyn available for which she never gave her explicit permission for us to use, however, now that both Lyn and Michael have moved on, we have decided to share some pictures of those times that made them both so happy.

The link to this page is hidden, there are several hidden links on the whole site, but Mike's love of the Otherside and Satin should lead you there.


For more than half a decade, Lyn and Mike compiled a newsletter called PowerNet. Within its pages, Lyn describes her passion for girdle wearing and reveals how so many other women feel the same way. The complete antithesis of the 1960s Women's Lib movement.




The Katherine K  by Kellogg

This year has been very stressful for me. Lots of reasons, but I ended up gaining several pounds. When I stopped eating, I had put on enough weight to get into one of my collection items, a very special full corset made in the 1940ís by Kellogg, called the Katherine K.

There are two styles of Katherine K corsets that I have, one is a front lace and front zipper, very tight, and as well made as any garment I own. The second is this one, very similar to a camp corset; this is a full length back lace with double side pull closure. All Katherine K corsets by Kellogg are pink, at least the ones I have are.

I put this on to remind me just how much weight I have to lose, and cinched it tight. I wear it around the house all evening, under a slip to keep it clean. It is like iron. It feels so good, I had forgotten just how good a real corset can feel. With the double lacing, I can pull and pull, and my appetite goes away. I have lost eight pounds already! And it makes me feel sexy! Usually when I gain weight, I do not feel sexy. With this on, I cannot help but feel like a woman. It reshapes, remoulds and reworks me into a shapely woman! I sometimes miss the days of these garments. I was not yet born, but through movies and books, the time when these were worn by women daily reminds me of a time when things were simpler. Maybe it was not a better time to some of the more feminist readers out there, but definitely simpler time. Basically, all the woman had to worry about was having dinner on time, and how sexy she looked. Now that is really tough, huh?

No, I donít want to argue about it; itís just my opinion.


  The Severe Corset by Famise

In the past few months, I have been experimenting with some of my oddities in my corset/all-in-one collection. This item has got to be one of the most brutal devices ever made for the purpose of corsetry. I found it along with several others back in 2002 in a corset shop in Ohio. There were three manufacturers of this particular garment, but Famise made the most severe, and the prettiest, so I kept this one for me. I wore it once, then, as I often do, I put it away for another day. One night about two weeks ago, we were going to dinner, and I did not want to eat much. I thought a severe corset would help, and started looking. Mike saw the Famise, and said to wear that. I thought, if our mothers and grandmothers did it every day, I can do it too. I had worn severe corsets without too much trouble, but never a corset under a severe boned all in one open girdle for any length of time. This was probably my last garment to conquer. Mike helped, lacing me in, it was a little small, and fit like an iron band. As he buckled each hook and eye, I realized that movement would be in short steps, sitting would be on the edge of my chair and straight up, and there would be no bending down. Mike graciously put my nylons on for me and we went out. I could barely drive the car at first, and it took a full hour for me to even begin to get used to the garment. I ate a salad that night, and Mike was beside himself with joy. He loves me in tight things, and this was the top of the line in tightness. When we got home later in the evening, Mike would not let me remove the garment, and I eventually fell asleep in it. For its girdling abilities, I would give it a 10. With the garment on, my figure was almost perfect when in fact it was far from perfect. I really admire our grandmothers. They wore these garments proudly, because they wanted to. They had choices, even then, and they chose to wear these garments. These beautiful brocade boned corset within a corset garments. What price could I put on this last one? Perhaps I should donate it to the Lowell Historical Museum. Perhaps I will.



The 428 Panty-girdle by Sarong

A few years ago I decided to wear my Sarong Style 428 long-leg panty-girdle to a formal event I attended. I do not usually wear a girdle for the first time to such a long event, but I needed to get into this tight evening gown. Mike actually suggested it because as he said, "It looked wicked enough to hold in a leak on the Hoover dam."

I'm used to his mouth, so it did not bother me in the least, not me. He can't get to me anymore. Well, sometimes he can ... Anyway, with his help I had it up and tight. This girdle was very tight. It was a large, and so am I right now, so the high waist and criss-cross panels did an amazing job. Again I will say, absolutely nothing made today will do this kind of body realignment! Once I had the dress on, and the nylons hooked, Mike went googoo over my shape. The panels were top notch, and the satin rear panel was beautiful.

The real beauty of the garment however was not in the satin, but in the intricate lace front criss-cross panels. They looked innocent as I put the girdle on, but once on, I felt sort of like I had my tummy caught in a Chinese bamboo finger tube. Remember them, about the same era as this girdle! As the night went on, It was noticeable, but comfortable, and there was no way I would be in that dress without it. I had enough compliments to make it all worthwhile. Chalk another win for vintage, rare vintage at that. Just how many long leg Sarongs are still out there today??--Lyn






Style 26 Panty-girdle  by  Gossard

Letís talk about one of my all time favorites, one of the firmest early 60s girdles ever made, and one of the first girdles I ever owned as a young girl. This girdle should not be the girdle you give your non-girdle wearing wife as a first time girdle! Tight bands of elastic criss-cross the front in a tightening effect similar to a Japanese finger trap so popular around the time this girdle first came into being! It is for vintage girdle wearers only, and collectors too. Its long legs and firm tummy always remind me that Iím girdled. I own more Gossards than any other girdle, and this is one of my regular every day girdles I wear to work. I also have sexy Gossards, with satin sides and rear, but this Powernet variety, style 26, is my favorite. Six garters always and well made garters, just like the rest of the garment.

Today, I wore one to work, as I knew I would be writing this tonight. I had to show off a little, and since it is cool here, I wore a 60s knit skirt and sweater. The skirt is turquoise, and screams 60s at you. Not late 60s, early 60s. I have not seen this color since, nor will I ever. When I do wear it, I get lots of laughs from my co workers, and the men pay close attention to my derriere. The Gossard makes no bones about presenting anyone who chooses to look with the sight of a very, very tightly girdled rear. The deep V rear panel does not lift and separate as later models tried to, this tightens, compresses, and forms the classic girdled bottom. My co-workers will never get used to my attire, but accept me for what I am, I am lucky I can wear what I choose to work, and most of the time, my vintage appearance draws compliments. Everyone should own one Gossard girdle!



The 344 Girdle by Vanity Foundations


I have many girdles. Some, I wear almost never, or maybe once a year. This is one of those girdles. I estimate it was made around 1955, by Vanity. Not to be confused with Vanity Fair or any new brands called Vanity. This is a real vintage beauty. Hi waist, side zip, satin panels, rubber instead of spandex. Vanity Foundation, style 344. I have never seen one of these on Ebay or anywhere. I had two, sold one, and kept one. The last time I wore this had been two days after Garters & Lace 2002, when I wore it out to dinner.


Mike is arriving tonight for several weeks, and I always put on a special girdle when I meet him at the airport. As I type this, I am dressed in this girdle, a pair of Belmont vintage 1941 nylons, off black in color, and a white long-line bra by Eddyform, also rubber, not spandex. The bra really sticks out straight; I think I will wear my black skirt and top, no slip. This girdle is so secure my shape has changed completely. My form is sleek, firm, and tight. I feel like I am held in a grip, like a vice, only a good vice. I feel almost like the time when this girdle was made. I like to close my eyes and put myself back in time when most women wore these garments. I feel calm, at peace.


I love girdles.