True to the grand traditions of German corsetry, the laced corselette, the abdominal support, and any number of supportive foundations are still made with great precision by FIGESTA.

Making corsetry is not simple. The complexity of this three dimensional task is matched only by the million different variations of the female body. Skilled cutters, sewers and fitters are still required in this age of mass-production, to tailor each garment exactly to the client's measurements. The days of Spirella that many thought were gone, are alive and well in a town just south of Hanover.


History of Figesta                          Recent Products



Models (on the left) 80, 100, 110 and 111 Many optional extras (below) are

available for these garments.

Many, many optional extras are available on the models above from additional spinal support, under-belts, long-leg extensions, back-lacing and that innocuous last option, finishing material. Traditionally, the panel at the back, and the side straps were finished in corset-quality satin.



These garments come in beige and white with black as an occasional option (see below), however, plain fabric or jacquard is a choice. Personally I would like to have some suspenders on my garment. I'm sure the fit and cut prevent any 'riding-up', however, I like my foundations anchored by the stockings.

Perhaps the long-leg extensions would provide that extra security.



Corsets, Panty-girdles and Back Supports

Stomach Binder and Model 75



An excellent back-support that translates anaemically from the German Rückenstützbandage nach Professor Lindemann! A traditionalist might bemoan the anodyne velcro-fastening (klettverschluß - D;  klittenband - NL; it's amazing what you learn), however, for the older client, this is far easier to manage than buckles or lacing.


The Teutonic abdomen is very well catered for by Figesta, and again, a comprehensive list of options is available to exert just that correct amount of uplift.


I like the idea of a made-to-measure panty-girdle and was fitted for one during our visit. These garments are firm, and made-to-measure makes sense. As a lady grows older, the bottom enlarges, but the thighs start to shrink from reduced exercise. This tends to mean that a

conventional panty-girdle that is large enough to accommodate one's posterior, will have legs far too wide.


Brassieres and Maternity




Of course, there's a huge maternity market out there

 and Figesta has that covered as well as well as catering for the women with breasts of unusual dimension.




2022: Figesta in Germany is now owned by Active Life GmbH. This company manufactures, beside other things, fabrics that are designed to be used with girdles. 

What a delightful throwback to the patterned German foundation garments of the 1960s and 70s.

















































Recent Figesta Products


Regard the amazing quality and attention to detail of the back-laced brassiere and panty-girdle!


The Longline-Bra in whole. The seams on the edge are boned with a spiral on the full length, In the middle the jaquard is used again as double-layer so both garments hamonize very fine
A close view on the cup and the front-closure with hook an eyes (riveted)
The same details as on 0013 - here you have a better look on the lace on the upper part of the cup
Detailed view on the front closure. The riveted eyes fit perfectly under the jacquard-tissue
Here you can see the position of the spiral on the seams on the edge
The backside of the bra in the whole with the back-lacing
Detailed view on the materials and workmanship of the back-lacing
All parts and details of the two garments can be ordered at Figesta to add them to the standard-version, only the row of hook and eyes to open the crotch complete is a special wish but was no problem for Figesta.



The Longleg-Panty in whole. In the middle you can see the Zipper, rounded with cotton-jacquard, the panty itself is made of two layers of elastic tulle
A look on the inside (in this case the backside) of the Panty in a whole with the detachable garters (the detach-hook is covered in the small pockets)
Back to the outside: a detailed look on the jacquard-center with the zipper and the row of hook and eyes to open the whole crotch
Detailed look on the abdominal supporters, which are adjustable by four rows of four hooks and eyes
Here you can see the abdominal supporters on the backside of the panty. they start in that seam in which a bone is inserted
A view on the opened abdominal supporters an the outstanding quality of workmanship, also you can see the spiral which is inserted in the long seam at the leg which goes from the waist to the end of the panty
A view on the opened zipper and the riveted hooks and eyes under that zipper
Here you can see the elastic and with small silicone-pads coated band
This is a look on the fully opened crotch and inside the panty
View on the zipper and the soft tissue covering the riveted hooks on the inside of the panty
Detailed view on the adjustable and detachable garters on the inside of the panty



The interesting products below contain just about every optional extra that Figesta can produce!






Figesta is not alone in Germany producing these formidable garments, Werkmeister produces similar products.


This lovely, albeit sturdy corselette is still being made to order in Germany today by Werkmeister (2014).


The attention to detail is quite extraordinary. I do not know of any other country that still makes such garments, however, one should realise that this specific order contained additional specialities based on the original Werkmeister item and can be done all over Germany in special stores who have Werkmeister in their offer. The standard version in the werkmeister webshop is not that extraordinarily detailed.















































Other German Brands


As mentioned elsewhere, Germany has a strong history of 'proper' foundation garments and corsetry. Amongst these names is 'Naturana' that, as can be seen from the catalogue page has a history going back to the 1970s (at least). It still exists today in multinational form and we have shown some models from their British pages.




The company Zours, still markets some very traditional products (below):



From some 1970s mail order catalogues:




and one of my favourites:




"Solide Form und Stützfunktion für die vollschlanke bis starke Figur"

even with no knowledge of German, I think you get the idea. Perhaps they should have said "nicht für schwache Nerven" or

"Not for the faint-hearted."