George's Story



I have followed your website for a number of years now with a passionate interest. My interest goes beyond just looking and I am a regular corset and girdle wearer since my teens, with stockings of course. I am male and my story is very similar to those posted on your website, starting in my early teens raiding my mothers girdle and bra drawer. I was just besotted with the look and how they would feel when worn,  I wished to experience the wonderful feeling of wearing these embracing and restrictive garments.

As a youth I spent a lot of time in my parents shop in my home town, as a consequence I went for walks around the town to kill some time and of course knew the locations of all the foundation shops in town and stalls in the market hall. What a time and of course I became expert at spotting the well supported ladies, and the odd lady with a wasp waist and a pencil skirt which was an absolute delight to see; today's young women have no idea.

I moved on some years later to buying a number of fully boned corsets from Wilbro in Manchester. As commented by a contributor on your web site, the lady who fitted the corsets at Wilbro was a very understanding lady and made one feel entirely relaxed. I have since purchased corsets from Voller, whom I also visited and they also provided an understanding lady to help with the fitting.

For many years I thought my obsession with girdles, corsets and stockings was abnormal and weird in some way, however, the internet has been enlightening to say the least and I now feel that I am not alone, thanks in part to your website. In spite of feeling guilty, and on a number of occasions having a clear out (which I quickly regretted afterwards) I always returned to wearing them and experiencing that day-long caress, or in the case of fully boned corsets the wonderful compression and rigid control. My favourite corset is fully boned with closely placed flat steels. I have worn it extensively and we are now one. Of course the stockings complete the experience with the tug of the stockings when walking and sitting down. I cannot describe the feeling when in my corsets and would wish to wear them constantly, however the modern world gets in the way. I am now retired so hope to spend much more time in my foundations and stockings.


My recollections of the girdles and bras my mother wore are not clear in my mind but I will try to recollect. We did not have an extended family so my exposure was limited. My mother was not a daily wearer of girdles much to my disappointment; she tended to only wear them when going out for the evening as many did. I would have appreciated a larger and more effective collection to admire. My favourite and the one I wore the most whenever the opportunity arose was a boned hook-side open bottom girdle. The others unfortunately were roll-on girdles. Of course stockings really completed the feeling.

My first long term girl friend wore tights and very tight panty girdles every day, and she wore two to get extra compression. I guess that's one reason she became my long term girl friend. It was of course at the height of panty girdle wearing and mini skirts, so anything else would have been impossible. I think the mini skirt did more to contribute to the demise of corsets and open bottom girdles worn with stockings than another item of fashion. I do remember that one of the manufacturers was Berlei although not boned they had a very firm satin front panel. I gained a lot of pleasure from seeing her in her panty girdles; the body shapers of today have no finesse whatsoever.