Robin's Story

I was a young boy when my three sisters were wearing suspender belts, roll-ons and girdles, and my mother wearing large corsets, which I found very exciting. I first started being interested when I was about twelve and even at that age used to put on my motherís corsets in secret. I also have recollections of going through several of my auntiesí underwear drawers when I was a boy, an act of which I am certainly not proud.

It was the late 1950's and 1960's, so sisters were teenagers; there were five years between the three, and mother was then in her forties.


My mother was quite old fashioned and always wore corsets, always white and with six suspenders, she never wore a girdle. The only time she took off her corsets was when she went to bed.

My sisters wore suspender belts. When the eldest was sixteen, she bought herself a black roll on from M&S (because her friends wore them) and when mother found out she did not approve of the garment.


My wife first started to wear stockings at thirteen, which was 1959, and her mother sewed suspenders onto a liberty bodice which she wore. When I first met her in 1963, she was16 and had just graduated to wearing girdles and wore a strong M&S white girdle, in fact she had two of these. She was very slim and had no need for a girdle, but all girls wore them in those days.

In 1966 she bought a white Playtex girdle, which I remember was rubber, and she liked it so bought another one. They were very tight and difficult to put on and take off. When she started wearing tights in 1969, she cut off the suspenders and continued to wear them under her tights, and had them for quite a few years.

When she started wearing panty-girdles she had a black Berlei gay slant, a white Spirelette 134 (I think), a black 'slim Jim' (don't remember manufacturer), an M&S high line strong girdle with a zip at the side. This was all in the early 1970's.
She bought two all in one (girdle/bra) one black, one white in the mid-1970's from M&S, and wore them for a few years.

Since the 1980's, she has bought panty-girdles mainly from M&S in white, black, pink and one which was a very nice red colour. She had a high waist strong black one which she used for best.

Over the last few years she has worn very light control and recently bought 'sloggi' type, which are awful and can't be classed as a girdle - what a difference to the lovely strong girdles she wore when she was much younger. How I miss the open bottom girdles.