The above is a wartime classic. It is patriotic on many fronts: the ethos of sport, the double entendre of 'Freedom', the use of elastics other than rubber, and the rapier going through the Axis chiefs.

Meet the answer to diminishing rubber. Meet Carter's miracle "Mouldette" jersey - power-knit that gives a wonderful elasticity with or without rubber. Sleek rayon outside - soft cotton skin side that hugs, snugs, feels wonderful for long, active hours. Carter invented the fabric - cuts it with a bias flex that fits like a skin - gives control around the body - elasticity up and down. Ask now for Carter's pantie girdles, girdles or completes made with "Mouldette" jersey. Better stores have them.

The adverts at the top are aimed at the young woman, the active woman, a woman who might be supported through her career by the elasticity of Mr. Carter's miracle fabric. Just in case you missed the point, they pulled no punches in true 1940's style:

"Does your tummie spoil your profile?" "Getting a little thick around the thighs?"